To celebrate Stuart Wilde’s incredible life, I selected my favorite Affirmations.


I hope these positive affirmations bring you comfort, prosperity, healing, and love in your life!


How to Create Miracles:


1. There is no real sin, only energy. I follow the energy of my highest evolution at all times and so be it.


2. Each action I take this day is an expression of the god force. Therefore, each action I take is a part of my infinite creativity.


3. What I am is infinite. I do not judge the evolution of others. What they are right now are for their highest good.


4. I see only beauty and all the people pulled to me and what I am strengthens and refreshes what they are


5. What I am is eternal, immortal, universal and infinite. I see only beauty and strength every moment of my life


6. This day is a day of balance. I am completely aware of my body and all its needs


7. What I am is beautiful and I pull to me this day beauty and refreshment


8. I am a powerful and positive individual and all events in this day are for my highest good.